Services overview

Services overview

The center piece of Bestech services is the combination of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and equipment to design, procure and install lower cost, affordable, and reliable distributive electrical systems for both urban and rural areas.

Installations include on and off grid applications, system monitoring, utilities net metering and maintenance.

Maintenance is a key element of Bestech services. Lack of maintenance is the single factor that failed many similar projects in the past. Bestech will partner with and train natives or grid owners in the routine maintenance of installed equipment. Bestech will work with natives to form organizations that will collect tariff for use in paying the costs of operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment.

Bestech proposes to install Modular distributed Green Energy Systems (MDGE Systems), to serve as models for rural communities. Successful demonstration of MDGE Systems will accelerate the provision of electricity and significant alleviation of poverty in rural Africa.

The cost of a Bestech system would depend on several factors including energy source or type, system size, local permitting, installation requirements, local environment and space availability. Therefore Bestech will provide customized cost estimates for its systems.

For deployment in the United States, several financing options and incentives are available as presented in the Financing page. Meanwhile Bestech is talking with IFC and local banks to put in place financing options and process to facilitate purchase of Bestech renewable energy systems in Africa.

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